Yogurt mania

The yogurt experts

We are the yogurt experts and we have been for over 40 years. It is a passion in which we take great pleasure in investing every day. We want to make it known, we want to share it and let you discover it.

40 years of yogurt ...
40 interesting facts

Since our beginning, the Canadian food landscape has undergone major changes. Today, Canadians want their expectations met under the banner of a special blend of quality, pleasure, health, eco-friendliness and convenience.

If, like us, you are crazy about yogurt, you will be curious to learn more!

  • Is yogurt the food trend of the decade?
  • When do we eat it?
  • Where do we eat it?
  • How long do we take to eat it?
  • Which flavours do we prefer?

Read more on yogurt by browsing through 40 interesting and fun facts about this exquisite and simple food in our booklet "40 years of yogurt".