Since 1971

Since 1971


  • Ultima Foods is proud to launch its own yogurt brand that is 100% Canadian.
  • Ultima Foods revamps its logo, redefines its mission and gets ready to write a new chapter in its history by launching its own brand.
iögo Ultima Foods

2001 – 2011

The start of a new century also heralds a new era in the ongoing struggle between reason and passion. On the one side, innovation is constantly pushing the market to reinvent itself. On the other, companies are exploring their social and environmental responsibility.

Yogurt consumption rises to 6.71 kg per capita per year.
Ultima Foods ushers in a new era in diet yogurt with the launch of Source, a fat-free yogurt that is also sugar- and aspartame-free and that has only 35 calories. Very quickly, Source becomes the leader in its category.
Ultima Foods acquires Olympic Dairy a manufacturer of natural cultured dairy (yogurt), organic and soy products located in Delta, British Columbia.
Ultima Foods launches Yoptimal from Yoplait, a yogurt that contains two active probiotic cultures that promote healthy digestive tract flora.
Ultima Foods is the first manufacturer of yogurt and fresh dairy products in Canada to fortify all of its products with vitamin D.
Ultima Foods rewrites the rulebook in the packaging sector thanks to a revolutionary container designed by Michel Dallaire, an internationally renowned industrial designer. With its oval shape instead of a round one and a better ergonomic grip, this container quickly takes over supermarket shelves.
Ultima Foods launches Yoplait Asana, a yogurt that helps create and maintain strong bones thanks to a calcium content that is three times higher than that of regular yogurt.
Being better by doing more: this is Ultima Foods' vision for sustainable development, which is translated into an action plan that will be implemented over many years.
The Delta facilities are expanded to increase the plant's production capacity by 10 million kilos.
Ultima Foods R&D Department pilots a first clinical study on the benefits of Yoptimal from Yoplait* on the health of digestive tract flora. The results of this study are published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology.
The Food Service at Ultima Foods innovates by offering customers a unique 2-kilo package, an innovative concept that becomes a Gold Winner in the annual competition of The Packaging Association (Canada).

1991 – 2001

The 1990s are a period of growth, expansion and innovation. The dream is taking shape.

In 1991:
Yogurt consumption rises to 3.35 kg per capita per year.
Agropur and Agrifoods combine their yogurt manufacturing and marketing operations in Canada to create a new company: Ultima Foods Inc.
Ultima Foods launches Minigo, a fresh cheese with a delicious fruit taste created for kids. The arrival of this new product makes a big contribution to the development of this new category.
Ultima Foods inaugurates its R&D Department at the Granby plant. Initially made up of 2 people, today the department has 22 women and 3 men who work day in and day out to develop tomorrow's innovations.
Yoplait is number 1 in the country and the only brand sold in all 10 Canadian provinces. The brand holds 25% of the market of fresh dairy products, which represents 100,000 tonnes of yogurt per year.
The Granby plant becomes one of the most efficient in the network of about 40 Yoplait franchisees around the world.
Ultima Foods' plant obtains its first ISO 9001 Certification, which attests to the consistent quality of each manufactured product.
Ultima Foods launches a tube yogurt for kids.
February 2000:
Ultima Foods moves its head office and its national distribution centre to a single site in Longueuil.
February 2000:
The Granby plant obtains its first Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification. This program ensures the safety of food and protects consumer health thanks to stringent risk control measures.

1981 – 1991

The 1980s see the company gain a greater foothold in a market that is developing slowly but surely.

Yogurt consumption rises to 2.49 kg per capita per year.
Agropur launches the first drinkable yogurt in Canada.
Start of distribution of Yoplait* products in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces.

1971 – 1981

The 1970s are a time of freedom. People demand freedom of thought, freedom to do what they want, and especially the freedom to believe that, even if nothing is easy, anything is possible. Who would have believed at the time that yogurt, which was only consumed at a rate of 500 ml per capita per year, would become Canadians favourite snack 40 years later?

May 1971:
After reaching a mutual collaboration agreement with Sodima, the Coopérative agricole de Granby begins manufacturing and marketing Yoplait* brand yogurt. The Coopérative agricole de Granby invests 1 million dollars and creates 40 jobs after signing the agreement.
May 1971:
The plant's first three women are hired. Two of them still work for Ultima Foods in 2012!
The arrival of the first ERCA machine at the Granby plant revolutionizes yogurt packaging. The containers are preformed and can now be assembled in packs of 2 or 4.

*Yoplait and other Yoplait brands are trade-marks of Yoplait Marques, société en nom collectif, used under license.