Our family

An heritage made of
coop values

Proud of our cooperative heritage

At Ultima Foods, for more than four decades, we have built a true yogurt culture by providing Canadians with products tailored to each moment of their lives. We rely on taste and innovation without compromising the quality of our products or modifying our raw material, milk.

Anchored in a solid past, as our shareholders being the two largest dairy cooperatives in Canada, we are inspired by their cooperative values. Values that are based on a sense of sharing, giving back to the community and an unwavering commitment to the common good.


Agropur Cooperative is a Canadian dairy industry leader, with operations in Canada, the U.S. and Argentina. Today, Agropur is one of the 25 largest organizations in its sector worldwide, and it is still growing. It processes three billion litres of milk annually and offers an impressive array of products, including such popular brands as Québon, Oka, Sealtest, Natrel, Island Farms, La Lacteo, Trega and Schroeder. For 75 years, Agropur Cooperative has been fine-tuning its art to continually improve its know-how and its offerings to consumers.

To learn more visit Agropur.com.

  • 3,349 members
  • 27 plants
  • + 5,700 employees
  • + $3.6 billion in sales


Agrifoods International Cooperative Ltd. is a federal cooperative owned by dairy producers in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Agrifoods specializes in the transportation and logistics of raw milk and dairy products for processing, with depots across Western Canada.

To learn more, visit www.agrifoods.ca.

  • 2,424 members
  • 11 Depots
  • 170 employees
  • +$30 million in sales