Ultima Foods:
The yogurt company

We believe in the power of great ideas and the promise of the future

Yogurt expert for 40 years

The adventure began forty years ago. We started small and regional. Over time, we learned and we grew without ever forgetting our roots.

We learned to make the best yogurt there is, for all Canadians.
We were the first yogurt maker to establish a truly national brand.
We have always been a leader in product innovation because we have always been attentive to consumers and ready to respond to their needs.
We have built world-class facilities, unequalled in Canada, which have allowed us to succeed in the face of competition from international brands.

We have grown thanks to the expertise, dedication and passion of the people who work with us.
We have built our know-how on confidence, leadership and commitment, strong values that have enabled us to nurture our own, distinctive yogurt culture for over 40 years.

The adventure continues in 2012 with the launch of a new brand: our own. A brand that has everything it needs to reinvigorate and reinvent the world of yogurt in this country, for we believe in the power of great ideas.

Our best asset is us.
We are Ultima Foods

  • Head office in Longueuil, Québec
  • Over 700 employees across Canada
  • Over 100 million kilos of fresh dairy products produced every year
  • Largest plant capacity in Canada with 2 plants in Granby, Québec and Delta, British Columbia
  • Both plants are HACCP certified
  • Delta's plant is also certified organic by Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association
  • 3 distribution centres: Longueuil, Québec; Mississauga, Ontario; Delta, British Columbia
  • Sales offices across Canada: Longueuil, Québec, Mississauga, Ontario; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Calgary, Alberta; Delta, British Columbia